Our Business

We connect global premium brands with affluent consumers in high growth Latin economies, differentiating ourselves through unique retail capabilities and a culture of long term relationship building with our consumers & partners.



Our formula for success includes investing our time and expertise in working with each individual brand. We choose our products after intensive market studies, only those brands that offer superior quality, value and marketability are chosen. We have proven that these innovative practices in product selection, staff training, effective marketing and close contact with our retailers and suppliers translates into long term sales.

We form key alliances with key retail channels in each country, understand and service their needs, and in turn improve productivity for all. We focus on key references and in sell-thru, not sell-in. We are distributors, but work with the mindset of a retailer.


Our retail business began in 2002 and has grown strongly every year. Developing and maximizing “retail capabilities” at levels of trade will be the key to success and a cornerstone of our strategy. Retail capabilities do not mean just becoming a retailer, but understanding the value propositions of all retail channels in both local and duty free markets: perfumeries, department stores, super markets, in-flight, etc.

We have also successfully expanded our retail activities in luxury retail, through some of the most prestigious brands and a successful network of affordable luxury brands in all countries of operation.

We form strategic alliances with the key players: brand owners, malls, flagship retailers, acquiring the best real estate locations. We’re determined in servicing our customers, investing heavily in training our people and evaluating all KPI’s on a daily basis.